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 Application Questions (READ FIRST!!)

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Application Questions (READ FIRST!!) Empty
PostSubject: Application Questions (READ FIRST!!)   Application Questions (READ FIRST!!) I_icon_minitimeThu May 21, 2009 6:44 pm

Please take your time when filling out our application. Poorly written apps will be ignored!

1. Age - Must be 17+ (Mature gamers only) Exceptions can be made for mature gamers on youth teams. Please be honest.

2. Location - Let us know where you live (We are mostly on the east coast of the US and Canada)

3. Availability and Occupation - How often are you online gaming (Be specific if you want to play Competitively)  We would also like to know what you do for a living.  This helps us understand your schedule and makes it easier to get to know each other.

4. Gamertag - You Must add "uG" to the end of your gamer tag and you must also change your twitter name @YourGT_uG once accepted!!!!

5. Headphones/mic/capture card - List your speaker or headphone setup (Headphones are required for Competitive play) as well as any capture capabilities you may have. Capture cards are optional but are very important for our youtube community.  (Rewards such as Gamma GFuel, XPJerky, Kontrol Freeks, and more for graphic artists, youtube video editors, and captains.)

6. Do you want to play any games competitively? - [YES] or [NO]
- If you select yes you will be held to a much higher standard of gameplay!  Members are not required to tryout for the Competitive squads but it is offered to those who want to play competitive video games.  Squad members practice together almost every day to build team work and chemistry. We have multiple competitive teams here and do our best to find the right squad for everyone. Squads that maintain a front page GB team, contribute to the team YouTube and Twitch channels, promote on social media, and win tournaments will receive more support! We enjoy giving back to the gaming community especially those who support and represent us.

7. Are you willing to take orders from higher ranking members? - [YES] or [NO]
- You must always respect the chain of command

8. Are you willing to wait at least one week before being accepted? - [YES] or [NO]
- This allows us to get to know you before we accept your app and this process can take longer than a week for some people. Being active with the community on the forums, youtube, twitter, Facebook, ect will help. Only active forum members are eligible for giveaways.

9. List any additional stats like, past experiences, past clans, GB, MLG, or UMG rank, and the games and game types you specialize in here.

10. You must add MoNoXiDe uG (Founder) and uG Lockdown4 (Co-Leader) within 24 hours of your app process. Can you do this?

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Application Questions (READ FIRST!!)
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