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 MotivationHater Application

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ImpuLse TwiTchy

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PostSubject: MotivationHater Application   Sun Jun 07, 2015 6:34 pm

Hello there! Don't worry.. I am going to change my name to TwiTchy but just wanted to get accepted by a team or clan first. Before I begin my application I just wanna say that I only have a 360 right now but plan on buying the xbox one and A LOT more stuff. I am a competitive gamer. So anyways.

Age - I am currently 22 years old, will be 23 in August.

Location - I live in Roscoe, Illinois

Availability and occupation - I work from 5 or 6 am to 430 sometimes 8 if I work overtime. I am usually available right when I get home about 430 or 5. Weekends I am free all weekend unless I obviously have something going on. I work in Madison, WI so I drive 45mins to work every single day.. So sometimes I get home and just pass out. Not on purpose.. I am a carpenter. I build cabinets, countertops, custom wood stuff.. lol.

Gamertag - Like I said as of right now its MotivationHater, But I'm looking to change it to TwiTchy so If you guys decide to accept me, It'll be TwiTchy uG. Looks cool already. And yes I can change my twitter name as well.

Headphones/mic/capture card - I don't use my capture card as often as I should cuz when I'm playing I pull some unbelievable stuff off. And headphones.. Mine just broke.. seriously before I started looking into joining a clan/team.. they took a poop. I am looking at getting some turtle beaches tho. MLG style. I will get them asap.

Do I play any competitive game? - Uhm.... YES. I play every game competitive but Halo 4 is probably the most competitive game I play right now. And I can't stop thinking about halo 5. Cannot wait for that game to come out.

Am I willing to take orders? - I think I can handle someone bossing me around.. thats basically me and my girlfriends relationship... Sad jk, But really I have no problem with someone giving orders as long as its done in a respectable manner.

Am I willing to wait - I have no problem waiting. Like I said right now I don't have a mic so it sucks.. But I am looking at some turtle beach px22's right now.

Additional stats - I have a lot of experience with halo 2,3, and 4. Halo 2 me and my old high school buddies use to do lan tournys. Halo 3, same thing except halo 3 we decided to take it to the next level with GB. Team ladder didn't do so hot.. 2 of our guys would constantly fight during matches... no one wants that. So we went 0-1 needless to say.. um. Me and my good buddy split from the team and went to 2v2's. Did pretty good. Honestly couldn't tell you what we placed. Now I do 1v1's cuz halo kinda fell off the map and am currently holding 1st place in the 1v1 ladder for halo 4.

Am gonna add MoNoXiDe uG and uG Lockdown4 right now.

Thanks for your time. Also.. while reviewing my app.. just know I can play as much as I can and will stay dedicated. Also I will have a mic asap.. Just ordered it. And I will have so much more too.
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PostSubject: Re: MotivationHater Application   Thu Jun 18, 2015 3:35 pm

Sorry for the late response. I have been doing a lot of work to get our new site up and running. Currently all of our members are playing on the Xbox One. We are always trilled to meet and game with new people. Do you have any idea when you will be upgrading to the new console?


“There is only one way to become champion. Never fucking lose.”
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MotivationHater Application
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