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 My Side Project

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PostSubject: My Side Project   Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:42 pm

Since I am unable to play 360 for the time being, I've decided to find other means of entertaining myself. I recently watched a few Machinima videos on YouTube and thought it was pretty cool. Lo and behold, I found an engine I can easily emulate on my computer, and there has been Machinima made with it before.

Say hello to my Super Mario 64 (great game) channel! I only have one vid up for now, but if you guys wanna go check it out that'd be cool. I made it as a joke to my girlfriend and to basically learn how to operate Sony Vegas
For the video
For the channel

Thanks Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: My Side Project   Tue Apr 27, 2010 7:29 am

pretty funny i liked it
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My Side Project
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